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When a person uses both of their hands to jack off a penis to create friction for warmth for the harsh winters.
Steve and Sheryl did the good ole handy heater to keep warm during the snow storm.
by DEEZ NUTZZ March 10, 2019
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A nice and kind person when they want to be. Most likely semi bald. The name of someone that’s most likely a person that’s above you. Loves chickens, the history channel and most likely has really nice calf muscles because they love long walks at 6am. If you forget to hand out ketchup you just might be in some deep shit and get taken off of the schedule. But overall, a dope ass boss
At 6 am I saw Harvey stolling in the neighborhood.

I forgot to hand out ketchup so Harvey took me off the schedule for next week.
by DEEZ NUTZZ February 12, 2019
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A difficult maneuver and the distant cousin of the "blumpkin", the "blubster" is when you're taking a deuce and having sex at the same time. a.k.a. the "in-and-out burger".
Dat trick breezo couldn't wait five minutes-- so I had to give her a blubster.
by DEEZ NUTZZ March 6, 2007
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When a girl is good for everyone and "pleases" a bunch of guys.
That girl Kelly is a crowd pleaser, she sucks everyone's dick .
by DEEZ NUTZZ December 2, 2016
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