fast bike with allot of go go go . . usually rules the streets , drag strip , and the track because of it's high weight / power ratio

jeez a honda civic has 140 hp and a crotch rocket has 140 hp and weighs 10 times less !!!! !! ! ! !! !! ! !
by motorcycleking April 5, 2003
An exceptionally powerful, lightweight, and maneuverable state-of-the-art motorcycle completely opposite in everyway to bikes built in America.
What do you mean by get a "real" bike?REAL unreliable, expensive, under-powered, heavy, unresponsive, unrefined or do you mean the only REAL chance a fat old man like you could pick-up chicks?
by kctR1 July 18, 2003
A rocket with two wheels, one of which is often not on the ground due to high power/weight ratio, that you straddle and zoom all around slow moving boxes on wheels.
Suzuki Gixxer 750, Gixxer 1000, Honda CBR 929 RR, Yamaha R1, Ninja, Hayabusa
by zoom zoom September 1, 2004
A sport bike that is capable of high speeds. Also the term given to motorcycles with a fast 0-60 time.
A Japanese motorcycle. By default this is state of the art, fast as fucking hell, and will blow the doors off ANYTHING ELSE on the road.
Suzuki GSXR1000, Yamaha R1.
by David February 23, 2004
A sport bike, usually japanese, but somtimes italian, rarley german (the new BWM K1200R) or american (buell) The minimum that really is a crotch rocket is along the lines of the classic 2 strokers like the RZ350 or the NS400r, cominng up to the the pinnicle in the likes of the RCv211 or the yamaha M1. More common examples are along the likes of the ninja/GSXr/YZFr/CBR series.

Very fast, even the slowest of these (the RZ350 and NS400R) can run times in 11's in bone stock. with somthing like a turboed GSX1300R hitting 7's.
Did ya see the turbo busa video where the crotch rocket rips a big ol viper a new asshole?
by He who arises in might September 24, 2004