A girl who is exceedingly good at kicking men in the nuts. A crotch rocket is usually a petite girl, from size 4'10'' to 5'4''. Because of their height, they have a small shoe size, which enablems them to get their foot into prime nut busting position.
"Holly crap dude, Sarah is such a crotch rocket!"

"I know I hate it when she gives me the shoe!"
by Ryan Mac 13 April 28, 2007
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A female who's only purpose in life is one thing-perform Sex acts. Her purpose for being is between her legs. She has no other atributes, brains, work skills or any talents. Just sex.
In the office: "Marlene can't even answer the phone or use a copier". Reply: Oh yea she's a {crotch rocket}. Why is Marlene glad she's poor? Answer: she's a crotch rocket.
by genuineforyoutwo January 28, 2010
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A device that boys w/ small penis's use to completely erase their brains or smear them all over the road. This device has the ability to make boys think they are cool when in reality they end up acting like idiots and killing people on the road after masturbating to "Biker Boyz". The one redeeming quality is that Darwin's Theory has full effect on this crowd.
Watch the evening news on most any summer afternoon to see an example of one of these boys riding crotch rockets becoming organ donors.
by john levendowski May 08, 2006
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Dariel: So what happened last night? You and Keegan were getting pretty cozy.
Bree: There were definitely some crotch rockets going on. Nasa was basically taking off in my flaps.
Dariel: Solid!
by Dariel and Bree March 01, 2008
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