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The time it takes for a vehicle to reach a speed of 60 mph. For this test the vehicle is required to start at a stand still position. The Fastest 0-60 time ever recorded is 1.7 seconds by the Lingenfelter ZO6 Corvette. Unfortunateley none were ever produced for the public. The fastest 0-60 time by a normal production car is the Koenigsegg CC with a time of 3.0 .
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taken from the japanease peeps. A rice burner is a nice way of saying your car sucks and if you actually race one your cool 40 inch coffee can exhaust will fall off and that the rear wing spoiler on your stupid ricer is useless. First of all the wing must be attatched to the frame of the car not the trunk. second of all most of the wings you see create lift instead of down force. This could possibly be a japanease manufacturing default or that they just don't know anything about cars. The third problem is that even if the wing is creating downforce and is attatched to the frame the stupid ricer is front wheel drive.
Any car that has a folgers coffee can as exhaust.
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Any Car that as a coffee can exaust that is sparking on the ground because the "proud" owner of the super-fast-civic cut the springs on his suspension instead of getting the car professionally lowered.
Super-Sucky-Civic or Airplane Civic
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one rice day I was walking down the street and I saw a retarted person driving one with a carbon fiber hood but guess what he modified it so the motor was in the back.Also There must have been some bad gas leaking out of his butt or sommthing until I noticed some fag put a folgers coffe can for a the exaust .
(the best part of waking up is foooolgers for exaust)
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Either a Japnease car tuned to sound like a crying baby, or the term used to describe a helpless teen that thinks his or her lawnmower-powered civic or eclipse could own a Vette or Ferrari.
That cool civic you see haulin' down the freeway with an airplane wing for a spoiler.
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A sport bike that is capable of high speeds. Also the term given to motorcycles with a fast 0-60 time.
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