A two wheeled money pit, sexy beyond words, enough to drive a normal person insane with lustful passion, and to empty any wallet. Universally despised by the larger motorcycle community that can't afford to own one.
Ducati bikes are practical, reliable, and affordable, and people never spend any money to customize them.... NOT!
by LAZYDUC April 24, 2007
Legends on wheels. Makers of the finest, fastest and sexiest two wheeled machines ever!
Have a look on www.ducati.com
by Mortuus February 2, 2004
Trinity was riding a Ducati 996 in the matrix reloaded.
by Elgeoharris December 10, 2003
A great motorcycle manufacturer that is disliked by the majority of the biking community, simply because the majority of the people who buy them tend to only see them as status symbols.
"yo bill!, guess what bike Tom Cruise bought!"

Bill "let me guess, a Ducati, Mv Agusta or a Harly"

Me "how do you know?"

Bill "because there the most expensive"
by overlord2 November 28, 2009
1. A motorbike, possibly the best in the world, other than Harley Davidson.

2. It's an italian word. It means 'Shit my pants on two wheels.'
Whoa man, did you see that!?


A ducati!


This chick flashed me.

Whoa man, we gotta get ourselves one of those.

The power of Ducatis and boobs.
by Sha-Na-Na-GaGa January 8, 2010
A clever, sleek term for a bowel movement.
This morning coffee has really kicked in, I need to go drop a Ducati.
by BigDaddyNick March 7, 2019