It is a kind of working hours policy in some IT relevant companies. It means working from 9 am to 9 pm every day and 6 days per week. It originally came from Alibaba.
A: Do you enjoy the 996 work load?
B: Definitely not!
by maxpeng September 16, 2016
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yea.. thats about all i need to say

by Big Robert February 21, 2005
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The name of the current generation of the Porsche 911.
My 996 GT2 smoked the shit out of a Z06 today.
by Adrian Krynski November 11, 2003
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When a couple has sex directly next to another person, (eg. in a bed, tent, car etc.) and the other person has to face away and pretend they aren’t awake.
“Last night I went over to Olivia’s house and her boyfriend was there too and they 996’d me!”

“Did you tell them to stop!?”

“No, that would have been awkward, I pretended to be asleep!”
by Ashnkel November 29, 2020
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In one episode of Pimp My Ride, host Xzibit can be seen wearing a black t-shirt with silver lettering which declares, quite enigmatically, "996 + 4 = 1000".
Seriously, wtf does that mean? I guess 996 plus 4 does technically equal 1000...

"996 + 4 = 1000"
by awyeahz July 1, 2006
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This is the fighter jet off of Grand Theft Auto 5. This is not to be confused with the new Hydra jet from the Heists update. This is a normal fighter jet. It has missiles, lock-on missiles, and a machine gun cannon with explosive rounds. It is found in Fort Zancudo.
I got a P-996 Lazer! I'm going to give everyone air support now.
by RachelNorton22 March 13, 2015
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