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A straight bit of pavement used for Drag Racing. The actual race distance is one quarter mile from starting line to finish line, then sometimes over a half a mile after the fininsh line (called the stopping area). These strips can be found as the home to Top Fuel Dragsters and Top Fuel Funny Cars with over six thousand horsepower
The U.S. Nationals can be found at the Drag Strip at Indinapolis Raceway Park.
by Mike February 03, 2005
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The area between the genitals (male or female) and the anus commonly refered to the taint or perineum.
Chuck had not washed in over 3 days, and his dragstrip smelled quite strongly of vinegar.
by ayahusker April 25, 2008
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A track built for the baddest ass thing in the world
The pressure from the noise at the dragstrip felt hot on my face
by emu March 05, 2003
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1. To create, or leave, a small line or blotch of fecal matter in one's under garment.
2. The act of, or participating in, the shedding of clothes by a homosexuals dressed in clothing of the opposite sex. These people are known as dragqueens/kings.
1. I went to eat out my girlfriend, and noticed she had a DRAGSTRIP on her panties.
2. A beautiful woman got up on the bar and proceeded to strip. It was good, until we noticed it was a SHIM, from that day forward it was called a DRAGSTRIP.
by Noodlz March 05, 2003
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Slang: Brown strip of poo in underware.
As Benny bends over in the morning for his morning paper in front of his college roommates: "Gross! Benny has drag strips!"
by DB Gibb March 09, 2006
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Quite popular affair in San Francisco and New York in which a drag queen (male who dresses as a woman) takes off his clothes in the art of erotic dance, for money or other means of payment such as homosexual acts.
Otto was able to pay off his college expenses by drag stripping on the weekends.

Lance duped his friend's, who like fast cars and racing, into going to the drag strip last friday night.
by Hagggard March 18, 2009
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