The area between a person's(male and female) legs; the crotch, the groin, the area where reproduction and the removal of bodily wastes occurs.
1.During cheerleading practice, while Jennifer was performing a cartwheel and the crotch of her outfit accidently slipped aside revealing her nether regions, little did she realize that Mick, who was jogging on the track nearby, caught sight of her wardrobe malfunction and suddenly had the irresistable urge to chuck it in her.

*a few days later...*

2.When poor ol' Mick accidently dropped the soap while using the prison shower, he had to bend over to pick it up, but this put his ass and nether regions into view, giving the other boys upstate a grand opportunity to tailpipe him and ram his shit in the wrong direction.

Mark H. Posting definitions on UD since last February.
by Mark H February 15, 2005
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Hell, Infernal Damnation

Slang - Private area of the anatomy
She's going to the nether region when she leaves this earth

Slang - I had some work done in my nether region.
by Bostonian July 28, 2006
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The spot between your sack and your crack
damn, i got kicked in my nether region
by J Dawg 111 October 2, 2007
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the (hairy, smelly, moist, awesome) area in between a girl's asshole and vagina.
my balls blushed at the idea of diving face-first in between her legs and kissing the glorious nether region of this busty German pinup
by TheNutButt27 March 10, 2011
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The area affected when you have a cold or allergy which causes the need for excessive throat clearing. Doctors may describe this condition as post-nasal drip.
Mary coughs in an effort to clear her throat and exclaims, 'Oh isn't it annoying when you have junk stuck in your nether region!'
by sylvie snow April 10, 2008
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the ungodly hell regions where one's soul is relegated if one does not live a good life,supposedly
" the dreadful ogre-beast inhabited the hoary nether regions"
by eric October 23, 2003
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She normally keeps it shaved. She has one of the tightest, and one of the best lady bits you've ever dealt with it packs a punch and it is going to make a special someone very happy
by Lfkfndiiebhuevdr February 27, 2017
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