Kill a Blood win a prize,Kill a Crip ur whole family diez Let it rain, let it flood,Let a Crip kill a Blood Let it rain, let it drip,After we're done watch the slobs claim Crips Peace 2oO the Crips death to the dread,Lay Blu rose pedals across my death bed Let it rain, let it flood,Let a Crip kill a Blood , Ashes 2oO ashes Dust 2oO dust,In Crips we trust N on slobs we bust When I die show no pity bury me up in Crip city,Lay 6 blu flags across my chest Let me die and ley to rest and,Tell all fellow Crips I did my best....
by HannAh December 30, 2004
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To be extremely high on marijuana; on the edge of or past the point of explanation, you are cripped. It’s when you are zoned to the max and everything else that come with open mouth syndrome.
yo...this blunts got me straight cripped.
by who says who? October 03, 2006
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A gang member of the notorious inner city street gang. Thier colors are blue and are originally from Los Angeles.
*news reporter*: "there have been a deadly drive-by commited by the Southside compton crips".
by Crazy Mo May 29, 2003
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Thoroughly stupid, illiterate, and ignorant people who:

* Tie blue rags around their ass holes
* Make stupid signs with their hands
* Haven't the slightest amount of courage
* Aren't bold enough to knock over a liquor store without six of their buddies standing around
* Are too stupid to know how to hold a handgun
* Are too ignorant to get a job
* End up in prison, or maybe dead in the gutter
Shauntay and Esmore are crips. They hold their guns on their sides to show everyone how stupid they are
by The Wog Whomper May 03, 2005
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A street gang originating in the Los Angeles area. "Crip" is actually shorthand for "Cripple." Many Crip members are crippled in the head and lack rudimentary knowledge such as speech and have a limited level of learning intelligence. It often takes 10 crips to complete the task of 1 non-crip. In an effort to seperate themselves from the rest of the world, they carry blue rags which they do often tie around their assholes.
Crip: " Yo yo yo, gimmie yo wallet biznatch!! I be in da Crips andju betta recognize!"

Non-Crip: " Mebbe if you had ten of your "homies" I might be intimidated...but piss off before I kick your balls in AND send you to jail.

Crip: "Dam, that jonks is fuuud uuup!"
by MistaDobalina May 02, 2006
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The largest and most dangerous gang in the America. Their colors are blue and originated from Los Angeles. They are arch enemies of the Bloods. They sell drugs, extort businesses, and kill slobs (insult term for bloods). It was founded by Raymond C. Washington and Tookie Williams.
"man i got jumped by the crips."
by Crazy Mo May 29, 2003
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