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People with a diminished sense of intelligence and self worth. Gather in large groups and perpetrate petty crime and murder in order to gain the recognition that is their only purpose in life.
I know you haven't found a job yet slacker, you've got the stench of the Crips about you!
by MistaDobalina May 21, 2006
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A street gang originating in the Los Angeles area. "Crip" is actually shorthand for "Cripple." Many Crip members are crippled in the head and lack rudimentary knowledge such as speech and have a limited level of learning intelligence. It often takes 10 crips to complete the task of 1 non-crip. In an effort to seperate themselves from the rest of the world, they carry blue rags which they do often tie around their assholes.
Crip: " Yo yo yo, gimmie yo wallet biznatch!! I be in da Crips andju betta recognize!"

Non-Crip: "Um....no. Mebbe if you had ten of your "homies" I might be intimidated...but piss off before I kick your balls in AND send you to jail.

Crip: "Dam, that jonks is fuuud uuup!"
by MistaDobalina May 02, 2006
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