Phrase coming from wiz khalifas song we dem boyz describes a crew or gang. Typically used among wannabe thugs and white boys to describe their #squad
by #5506crew November 5, 2014
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a term used by famous rapper Wiz Khalifa from one of his songs.
by loolitsalex May 7, 2016
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A teenage rap group from the cherry capital of the world.
The teens were considered local MCs to their audience (consisting mainly of local catholic schoolstudents) and their songs all talked about the life of a catholic school student and the bullshit they constantly had to put up with.
They are most famously noted for their live proformance during the highschool prom at the famous opera house in downtown TC
Dude did he hear dem holy boyz new track? its about the lot!
by Joseph Campbell November 23, 2007
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living proof that all you need to start your career in music is a casio with preloaded drum beats
that beat is HOT...oh wait it's my little brother on the keyboard.
by jayA March 18, 2005
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A nationwide group of we-gon-gitcha boys, formed on in 2008. Popularized through an AIM blast group as well, this organization has a sister group, DeM GoTcHa GiRlZ. Highly exclusive and incredibly unique. Specialties include high-quality burns and trolls.
"DeM GoTcHa BoYz gon gitcha!" 2k8
by The Posp2 May 18, 2009
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a group of ghetto rappers from bankhead who came around a few years ago with "white tee" but dissapeared from the game untill they joined with jermane dupri who helped them make Oh i think dey like me (remix), lean wit it rock wit it, and there new video ridin rims. One of the reasons that Snap music is so hot around da atl.
Ridin Rims
by dem franchize boyz

if ya ridin' rimz, ya gotta ride flats (uh,ha) Im
sittin' ridin' on lebron back (uh,ha)
des 23's (uh,ha) if yean know (uh,ha)
I got da top workin'up on 24's
by points May 26, 2006
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With their lame-ass lyrics and lack of a 2nd grade education, dem franchize boyz are biggest reason to why many white folk are still prejudice towards blacks.
White Guy: Dude, look at those dumbasses. They don't even know how to spell their name correctly. Dem Franchize Boyz suck!
by aru June 24, 2006
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