noun; a person of diminished physical capacity
she's a crip, she walks with a limp because her right leg's shorter
by Jake February 17, 2004
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CRIP = Community Revolution In Progress or Communiy Restoration In progress.
started in the 1960s bky unknown people bkut made famous when it was organized and combined bky two crip leaders. Raymond Washington and Stanley (Tookiei) Williams which labled themselves king crips.
Bklue rags to the left side
Real crips run under the 5 not the 6 that is a mith made bky missimformed crips or folks, dont know who started that bkullsit. Sorry cuz its true we run under the 5, Bkecause of the 5 point star on the cowboys, you knw that is what crips are (cowboys). Bkut if you are a member of a combined crip and folk nation you would run under an 8 which stands for crazy eights, It is a simple eightball inside a C or a six point star, whichever one you were blessed into. Now the 8's dont follow crip or folks they are there own intity, as far crips and folks are concerned. Every crip gang that is not originally from L.A. has an O.G. that is from L.A. that started there branch. Like me my O.G. is an Avolon Gangster Crip from 53rd AGC. I have bkeen a Crip for 15 yrs. So all you so called crips yuo bketter know whats up on yo history cuz a real crip is going to give you a probklem
Crip life 4 life
A.K. all day
anybkody killas
Crip dont die we multiply

West leave
by Original Gangsta Crip May 28, 2008
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Are blue birds blue??? OMFG!!! You're such a funking crip!
by Mallory November 13, 2003
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a los angeles street gang that spread like a paracite to every metropolitan area in the states and influenced upper middle class white teens to imitate the gang and horrify white suburban parents everywhere
ay that white boy is suited up like a CRIP lets go teach him a lesson.
by SIN November 07, 2003
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The name adopted by members of an LA street gang. The name is actually an acronym, and stands for:

Crip: "Yo, Deuce, T-Drop, Trey, Pookie, Lil' Dookie, Poo Poo, Rayray, let's smoke dis foo', he done stepped on my K-Swiss!"

Casual Observer: *shakes head* Those crips certainly live up to their names.
by expletive deleted April 23, 2007
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Good quality marijuana. Short for crippy. Used in Florida, especially Dade County.
Wassup dawg, I got that crip on compound, holla at ya boi.
by Carlos December 16, 2003
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