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*Muscular, strong, big (as in big framed body type)
{An Adjective Used to describe a Dude/His Body}
"You see that dude's body?, he was diez."

{Shortened from the word 'Diesel'}
Diez is more often used now then 'diesel,' which is kinda played out now.(07/08)
by KDtha1 June 20, 2008
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Short for Diesel. This word is used as a universal adjective for anything of greatness. Also spelled dies.
"Ya know whats diez? That home run he just hit"

" DUDE!!! that party was DIEEEEEZ!!!

" This class is gunna be so diez cuz the teacher doesn't care about anything and no one is gunna try. YEEEEE"

Antonym: Trycycle.

"That kids a faggot.... he is not diez.... hes a fucking tricycle"
by bombsquadrent September 13, 2009
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