What we humans claim we are making as we consume non-renewable resources and generally make each other miserable.
Bill - "I heard 14 men died during the construction of the Empire State Building."
Tom - "A small price to pay for progress!"
by urdanbictionary October 15, 2008
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Slowing down the rate at which one is falling behind.
Boss, I'm making progress on your project. I should have last week's deliverable to you by next month.
by PeteyTheHoser June 12, 2009
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means to make progress sexually with a girl or boy (usually a girl). for example, talkin is the very first step of progress, then hugging then holding hands then kissing etc.
Matt!!!! Progress!!!! Hows Anna????
by Tim Sumner November 5, 2005
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A political platform defined usually by, but not limited to, the developmental advancement of American society through pragmatic and practical means. Contrary to right wing beliefs, Progressives are not the second coming of communism and the russians, instead they seek to improve the lifestyles of the vast majority of Americans by providing tax funded benefits that would help the country grow as a whole.
Neo Con: "Those damn progressives are trying to finish what stalin started! My sign SAYS SO!"

Spectator: "You do realize you're holding that thing upside down right?"
by Waterboy72 November 15, 2010
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The difference between liberals and progressives is the difference between thought and action.

Aware, consienctous, flexible, realistic;
Promoters of Harm Reduction.
Journalist: Are you liberal or progressive?
Paper Pusher: Liberal. Isn't Progressive an Era?

Journalist: Are you liberal or progressive?
Outreach Worker:What do you think?
by Lord Pandiora November 4, 2006
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1. The epic and unparalleled event of taking multiple alcoholic shots, the number of which is significant (ie. years of marriage, number of V-cards taken, etc.), in order to expedite the process of pregaming. The use of a theme song is highly recommended, though not required.

2. The act of progressing.
"Dood, Timmy just took a 13 shot progression for his frat's 13th anniversary and now he's puking in the bathtub."
by Meesch April 18, 2013
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1. favoring meaningful progress in addressing a problem without having to follow an ideological bias or loyalty
2. dedicated to ignoring unproductive political posturing or infighting and getting to a reasonable solution
I can't help being a progressative, because I'm hungry for intelligent change, and I'm so tired of listening to those politicians that talk nothing but conservative or progressive purity and accomplish nothing that helps people improve their futures.
by KKattA March 4, 2021
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