Crazy Revolutionary Independent Pistol Slanger. slo6 killa. in alligaince with the Folk Nation. dem slo6 killaz
Defend all Crips up in da sky
Defend all Crips until i die
Forever throwin C'z up in da sky
When i die 6ury me deep in Loc city
So i can show the world i have no pity
Just place 6 6lue flags across my chest
And tell all Crips i did my 6est
So let it rain
Let it drip
6ust a slo6 in his lip
And watch his favorite color drip
by OG_Snake January 05, 2005
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A word that can be used to substitute most other words as seen below. Mostly used to describe what your doing, but not used for things like relaxing, it has to be something active.
Lets crip it over to the mall.

Everybody get crippin' we're running late.

"hey, what are you guys doing?"
"not much man, just crippin' at my house"
by borissimo March 04, 2006
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A term disabled people use to reclaim their power and show their disability pride.
We need to #cripthevote and have our voices heard by policymakers.
by disabledandproud April 07, 2019
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A highschool drop out who thinks the word this is pronounced dis. Crips are also interested in "gettin' da money, and da hoes."
- "Dyam G I jis bin scoping dat hoe and I want to tap dat, I was like going crazy when I saw dat ass dawg!"

- "Uhh,. . .crip translation?"
by Crip, dropout, gang ,loser, lol September 25, 2007
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beckause that crip
is tha fakes thang out there
by deedie b July 09, 2007
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A derogatory term, short for "cripple", i.e, a disabled person.
Disabled guy: "Yes hello, does your store have an elevator, I'd like to reach the 2nd floor please"
Clerk: "Hold on one second please sir"
Clerk (to colleague): "Hey, is the elevator working? That crip wants to get to menswear"
by Deluded_or_summat March 21, 2007
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