to consume alcoholic beverages at one's place of employment while working.
"Why is Dave so chill?"
"Oh, he's been crinking."
by jacen kemp December 14, 2007
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a person who posess an abundance of enthusiasm and a questioable intelligence, whose company often results in amusing consequences. usually likable and friendly crinks can also be unpredictable. those whose actions and opinions (rarely malicious) are often carried out under misguided preconceptions. common term in north west. possibly originating as a compound of the words crank and chwink-(welsh slang term)
a crink would express opinions or undertake actions inappropriate to a given situation. occiasionally causing offence (without intent) to individuals unfamiliar with their personality. frequently providing entertainment and joviality to those who are acquainted with their idiosyncrasies.
by Dayv _B June 3, 2007
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JESUM!Eliza just picked her crink!!!!
by chelsea April 6, 2004
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A person with a crinkled face. Usually drunk and falling off bar stools.
A miserable wife.
John worked late so he did not have to go home to his crink.
Crink is the reason he had a girlfriend.
by Bagodonuts December 1, 2007
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A word in which one can use in any way you want to whatever your imagination desires
Person 1: Hi how are you?
Person 2: Mama mo crink
by shiki_shiro\ September 9, 2018
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