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She is usually kinda shy but when you start to talk to her she'll break out of her shell and be extremely weird (cute). An Eliza usually get's attracted to people quite easily and if she really likes you she won't admit it. She has a kind soul and loves to put her friends first. Anything she says are mostly true but sometimes sugar coats things because she doesn't want to hurt the people she cares about. An Eliza doesn't really fit in with the crowd, she likes to be unique and totally rocks anything. She is a great girlfriend and will give you lots of bear hugs.
Aw, Eliza is so sweet.
by I want some donut king September 07, 2016
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Eliza. Damn this girl is one of a kind. there's no doubt if you meet an Eliza you will be star struck from first sight. Even though she will often deny it. Eliza is a beautiful, funny, amazing and SOLID person on her base level with so many new interesting and amazing things coming to light when you get to know her. She can be self conscious and stubborn at the worst of times but when you really need her she's always a phone call away. She will gladly sit and listen to musicals whilst it rains and will never leave your side no matter what. Her eyes are amazing, her voice is amazing, the way she looks at you when you fuck up is amazing and no matter what you do, do not let this go unnoticed as you will be sure to realize the value of her company within the first moments of meeting her.
by gingeygingerbreadboyo August 06, 2017
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Eliza is intelligent and trustworthy. She has an amazing memory, and puts her friends before everyone else. Eliza can be sarcastic and rude at times, but often she makes the entire room burst out laughing. Her best trait is intelligence, and she is that one kid who aced that test everybody else failed. An Eliza is often self-conscious and can feel out of place in large groups. An Eliza is not necessarily hot, but she is pretty in her own way. She is indecisive when it comes to boys, and you really have to try to win her over. She will let any of her friends copy her homework, and you can rely on her.
My BFF is Eliza.
Oooh, im jealous
by iamawesome:) June 03, 2018
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Eliza is weird, adventurous, and has that odd quality that makes her mysterious and sexy. She is normally not what she seems on the outside. She is strong and sweet and amazing. She may not be the perfect definition of pretty, but her look is unique and beautiful. If you are EVER fortunate enough to have an Eliza by your side, accept her flaws and love her oddities. If you are ever fortunate enough to have an Eliza by your side, never let her go, because you will never meet someone like her again.
Wow. That's Eliza.
by YouCantDefineMe November 14, 2013
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The best of wives and the best of women. You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind.
At least my dear Eliza’s his wife.
by PraiseOurLordAndSaviorLMM January 22, 2017
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The girl that will always be there to play Halo with you.
Eliza assassinated me four times during the grifball match
via giphy
by Elizardloveshalo April 09, 2019
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the hottest girl in the entire world who when u see her, u just wanna jump on her and kiss her. shes pretty, gorgeous, romantic, sweet, hot, funny, PERFECT.
Did you see Eliza at the party? I just wanted to kiss her.
by justinnn123 February 22, 2008
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