The state of suspicion or uncertainty in a woman's mind regarding a mans inappropriate and obscene sexual intentions or to his current legal status as a sex offender.
When Steve told Mary he really liked her lips she was really, really creeped out.
by Glenroy Hamden June 25, 2014
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To do one particular activity for a period of time that most people would find to be excessive. Usually used to describe the act of playing a video game for an extremely long time.
"Damn, is Brian STILL in there?"
"Haha, yeah man, he just got a new expansion pack for that game so he's been creepin' out on that shit all day."
by Fitterer August 18, 2005
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Exchanging cell phones with a friend in an attempt to ruin each others lives by sending tasteless text messeges to people on their contact lists.
"Wow, I thought this bar would be a little bit better, i'am bored, you feel like playing Creep Out?"
by Dustin777 March 30, 2008
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a feeling.
what you feel when too much information is displayed on facebook
what you feel when you are being facebook stalked or harassed.
Grandma just posted a baby picture on my wall and now I'm facebook creeped out.
by Gilmore Peace August 5, 2010
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Affectionate term used towards someone as a nice way of saying I'm extremely creeped out by you and/or yours, but I like you, am inspired, intrigued and enamored by you and the way the stars have been aligning my entire life in an awful, beautiful, tragic, sometimes almost magic way.
I am slightly creeped out because I feel like you are watching my every move.
slightly creeped out
by PineappleJuice March 24, 2015
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1. to freak out
2. to gross out, to give so. the creeps
to creep so. out:

"I do not like to be compared to him in the same sentence.
It creeps me out."

"Do you think she's ever smoked pot? I mean, like, successfully." "No, no, she told me that she saw you and Bill get high once, and it so creeped her out."

Californication, Season 1/6
by RubySkye May 14, 2010
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