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Generic name for any woman who is slutty and assumedly has a handful of sexually transmitted diseases. Last name 'Stids' is derived from the phonetic pronunciation of the acronym 'STD'.
"That kid needs to get laid. We should throw a party for him and get everyone to invite all the Stacy Stids they know."
by Fitterer February 18, 2006
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Name given to someone who is farting excessively.
"Going to Chipotle with Brad was a terrible idea... he has been Johnny McBustass all night."
by Fitterer February 4, 2006
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A command given to someone who needs to get his or her shit together. In a sports context, often said to one whose head isn't in the game, or who is playing erratically. In social situations, said to someone who is acting really strange or being embarrassing.
Joe: "Shit, this bar is never this crowded on a Wednesday... what are all these girls doing here? Looks like we picked a good night to come out."
Dwight: "Damn, look at the tits on these girls over here."
Hot Girl: "I heard that, you fucking creep."
{Joe angrily pulls Dwight aside.}
Joe: {pointing his finger in Dwight's face} "Hey, look at me. You lock it up. Don't be a liability tonight."
Dwight: "Alright, alright. Honest mistake."
by Fitterer January 20, 2006
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When someone is physically brutalized, beaten handily at a sport or video game, or verbally abused and insulted in a manner that is very much one-sided and makes that person look weak.
(Note: The spelling with the apostrophe, then the D, is crucial. See also bitch'd.)
"Wow, did Mark's team even hit a shot that whole game?"
"No, man. They just got blanked, 7-0."
"Damn, those guys got work'd."
by Fitterer July 16, 2005
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A group of stupid girls, generally characterized by being loud and irritating, possibly ugly as well. Draws from the slang term "box," for a vagina.
Jason: So yeah, all those random drunk girls just bust into my room and I had no idea who they were. It was like 20 minutes before I could herd that shit outta there.
Ryan: What a stack of dumb boxes.
by Fitterer May 1, 2005
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When something bad happens to you that is unfair and/or out of your control.
(Note: The spelling with the apostrophe, then the D, is crucial. See also work'd.)
"Hey man, what's up?"
"Dude, this sucks. I can't go to the game on Saturday anymore cause my idiot boss scheduled me to work that night."
by Fitterer July 16, 2005
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To do one particular activity for a period of time that most people would find to be excessive. Usually used to describe the act of playing a video game for an extremely long time.
"Damn, is Brian STILL in there?"
"Haha, yeah man, he just got a new expansion pack for that game so he's been creepin' out on that shit all day."
by Fitterer August 18, 2005
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