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used when someone feels a strong need to know a piece of information about someone/something, but doesn't want to seem like they've been thinking about the person/event/etc. for the past hour or year
Girl: "Do you like girls by the way? Just curious lol"
friend she probably has a crush on: "Actually no lol"
by My crush is straight :/ December 15, 2016
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Common phrase used as an answer to "Why do you ask?"

Usual Meaning: I was interested in your answer and will base my future responses around said answer.

Very similar to "Just asking"
Guy: Are you single?
Girl: Yes. Why do you ask?
Guy: No reason I was just curious.

Girl: Hey what are you doing tonight?
Guy: Not much, why whats up?
Girl: I was just curious. (Will generally follow up with girly phrase implying she wants him to hang out with her.)
by 1CoolCAT November 17, 2010
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