A word used, usually as an insult, on someone who's personality or overall behaviour is strange or weird.
Guy 1: That guy John is a damn creep...
Guy 2: I know, he acts like a child and he's nearly 23...
by fslfjsdklgjklgjioujdddamncreep November 03, 2010
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A man or woman who breaks social rules in an odd or obsessive way. Usually undesirable, clearly obsessed and somewhat pathetic.
"this creep keeps staring at me, and he drove past my house last night"
by Lalacupcakelala October 11, 2011
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A guy that can make a libido disappear.
After being around the creep, she didn't want to fuck anything anymore.
by Solid Mantis February 19, 2018
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1. An overused term deployed by high school girls and undergrad women to refer to a low status (i.e. sexually unattractive) male individual whose attention is unwanted.

2. A physically unattractive male, often a loner, who has a serious and unsmiling demeanour often combined with poor social interaction skills and no sense of personal style.

3. A loser who makes people uncomfortable.
Girl 1: OMG that quiet guy who never smiles just hit on me!
Girl 2: Is he hot?
Girl 1: Ew, no! He’s a total creep
Girl 2: You mean he’s ugly and poor?
Girl 1: Duh
Girl 2: Ew, that is so disgusting
Girl 1: ikr
by Soviet Canuckistan February 14, 2020
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Drive or move slowly on foot, on the way to do an illegal job.
"Let's creep on this muh-fucka."
"Let's creep around to tha back entry."
by Diego July 18, 2003
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A term that shallow women use to describe any man they do not find physically attractive.
Jane: Ewww. Did you see that chubby guy over there?

Mary: Yeah. I was riding the elevator, and he got in. Then he smiled and said hello and briefly made eye contact.

Jane: Gross! He tried talking to you? What a creep.

(Attractive man walks up) Hey. I've been watching you for the last hour. You look hot. Want me to buy you a drink?

Jane: Hell yeah. Let's do shots!
by rogerthewhale February 28, 2014
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Someone who looks up girls on google to find their accounts on social media sites. They then creep their posts and find that this person has an ask.fm, they proceed to ask the girl questions they are too nervous to ask themselves. Questions like " whos your favorite black guy...."
by 420blazeit May 06, 2014
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