The woman which vagina is fulfilled of cum during the orgasm.
" Every women says that to feel a complete orgasm they must be creampied in the vagina".
by Willhelmina Plowes January 24, 2010
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Person: Do you want creampied?
Person 2: WHAT?!

Person: Cream on the pie
by wedontgiveafooooooooock July 9, 2018
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The act of unprotected/uncovered penile ejaculation and insemination inside the vagina.

E.g For the a couple attempting conception/procreation the male will release his sperm (the 'cream') into the female's vagina during climax/orgasm thus releasing his cream into the 'pie.' When withdrawing his penis typically some of his seed will drool/ooze out of the vagina, giving the creampie after-look.
Female - 'He came so much inside me it felt like it was drooling out forever... The perfect creampie!'
by Llewelyn Dowd July 3, 2022
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A verb that describes the act of condomless (unprotected) sex and ejaculating inside of a vagina or anus. The act of not pulling the penis out of the vagina or anus and ejaculating inside.
I love my new girlfriend, she's so hot and sexual. Forget oral sex or kissing for her, her biggest turnon is the creampie and I am more than obliged to give it to her.
by TheBigCanucklehead March 13, 2015
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A pie made of cream. What, were you expecting some definition of a type of porn?
Girl 1: I ate a creampie yesterday
Girl 2: Really?
Girl 1: Yeah. I baked it myself!
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When a guy exaculates inside of a woman and watches the cum drip out of the woman's pussy
by Means anon October 4, 2017
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A nice, delicious, home-cooked creampie, oozing with cream.
Her: "Do you want to creampie me?"
Me: "I don't feel like cooking today."
by BourbonDickSheNary May 17, 2021
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