The woman which vagina is fulfilled of cum during the orgasm.
" Every women says that to feel a complete orgasm they must be creampied in the vagina".
by Willhelmina Plowes January 24, 2010
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Person: Do you want creampied?
Person 2: WHAT?!

Person: Cream on the pie
by wedontgiveafooooooooock July 9, 2018
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A verb that describes the act of condomless (unprotected) sex and ejaculating inside of a vagina or anus. The act of not pulling the penis out of the vagina or anus and ejaculating inside.
I love my new girlfriend, she's so hot and sexual. Forget oral sex or kissing for her, her biggest turnon is the creampie and I am more than obliged to give it to her.
by TheBigCanucklehead March 13, 2015
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A pie made of cream. What, were you expecting some definition of a type of porn?
Girl 1: I ate a creampie yesterday
Girl 2: Really?
Girl 1: Yeah. I baked it myself!
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Word used in porn movies. In a creampie scene, the sex organs of a couple are being filmed when the man ejaculates inside the girl's pussy. After he has pulled out his cock, her pussy is filmed close-up with his sperm visible or being squeezed out.
Darling, watching that creampie scene makes me so incredibly horny.
by Oleus A November 6, 2013
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When a woman is filled up with cum (in the ass or pussy) that it leaks out of her ass or pussy.
“He creampied me right in my tight little pussy. I had an amazing orgasm
by sexdefinitions October 26, 2018
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Internal cum shot; Act of ejaculating inside pussy or asshole. Also the moment after the internal ejaculation, when the cum drips out.
"... and then I ejaculated inside her and quickly take off my dick, watching the beautiful creampie."
by Creampier March 17, 2003
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