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Newfoundland term. The long form of Giv'er...It signifies authorization, acknowledgement, permission, agreement, or "Go". "Give it to her" is spoken to the individual until they understand the meaning clearly and then the shorter Giv'er can be spoken instead. Failure to folow this rule may result in miscommunication and expose you to perils that come with it. It in no way shape or form, signifies blessing to fuck a female unless that motion had been previously implied. See examples 4 and 5

1..Person 1"Can I have a beer bro?"
Person 2 "Give it to her."

2.. "Wait for a sec, there's a car comming...Wait....and Give it to her".

3.."I'm gonna go score some skunk".
"Give it to her"
4.."I'm gonna pick up your sister from work."
"Give it to her." Means pick her up but do not touch her!
5..I'm gonna stick my dick in you ex's mouth
"give it to her" means you have my permission/blessing
by DonnieLee August 07, 2006
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