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When one is caught in a precarious situation where the likelihood of it ending in something positive is virtually non-existent.
I can't believe I hit that car with my Mom's new car. I have been driving around aimlessly for the past 2 hours because as soon as she sees this dent, I'm up shit creek without a paddle.

wrong situation
by TheBigCanucklehead March 15, 2015
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One of the go to phrases that women and gay men tell men of smaller to average penis endowment. This is to ensure that he does not feel insecure, especially before, during and after sex.

The second biggest fable next to Santa Claus.
The one guy that I have been wanting sex with...the stars finally aligned and we were able to be alone and let nature take its course last night. Well I should know that somethings are too good to be true. The whole experience turned out to be a it's not what you've got, it's how you use it. Why is it everytime I tell a guy that I feel like I just told my daughter that there is no Santa..

fable white lie
by TheBigCanucklehead March 20, 2015
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A statement that is given when something is as plain as day, no one can argue about differences.
Stranger 1: Don't you notice every time you light up a cigarette the bus comes?
Stranger 2: Like white on rice!

exact plain
by TheBigCanucklehead March 21, 2015
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A sex toy that resembles a belt with an erect dildo (cock) on it. This is a must for lesbian and adventurous heterosexual couples. One partner puts on the strap on and acts like the man and proceeds to have vaginal intercourse (lesbian) and the woman becomes the insertive partner in anal intercourse with her boyfriend.
I love the way Kyle and I are so sexually adventurous. Last night I brought home a strap-on and made him my bitch for the night. I hope he doesn't go bi or gay on me because he enjoyed that just a little too much I think. But then again, bisexuality may be next on our bucket list.

dildo sex toy
by TheBigCanucklehead March 22, 2015
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A phrase describing someone who is/was agreeable to sexual activities or other naughty behaviour.
Bill: Hey Tom. I heard you convinced Rebecca to try a menage a trois?
Tom: Yeah, can't rape the willing...she already has a GUY picked out for us.
Bill: Oh.....
Tom: Yeah...this should be interesting...my threesome fantasties have always been with two women and she just threw a wrench into that one now didnt she. I guess that will have to be for the next time.

agreeable ally
by TheBigCanucklehead March 21, 2015
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When one is sexually stimulated by the sight/thought of an uncircumsized penis.

{stimulation uncut
I am beginning to wonder if my uncut fetish is turning into a lifestyle. Lately as soon as I find out a guy is circumsized it turns me right off. And if the guy is average looking and I find out he's uncut, damn he has entered my radar 10 fold. These sexual fetishes are definitely hard to explain.
by TheBigCanucklehead March 15, 2015
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A verb that describes the act of condomless (unprotected) sex and ejaculating inside of a vagina or anus. The act of not pulling the penis out of the vagina or anus and ejaculating inside.
I love my new girlfriend, she's so hot and sexual. Forget oral sex or kissing for her, her biggest turnon is the creampie and I am more than obliged to give it to her.
by TheBigCanucklehead March 13, 2015
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