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When a guy gives a girl a facial and his cum goes up her nose and drips into her throat. Same idea as a cocaine drip.
"Billy came on my face last night and it got up my nose... I had a cum drip all night long."
by d4n4 December 30, 2007
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After a guy ejaculated and wipes off his dick. He stand up a few minutes later and
a glob of come falls out of his dick.
The woman said, "you just had a cumdrip on
my new rug". He replies: if you knew how to suck cock and swallow, it wouldn't be an issue.
by tinkerslink December 06, 2008
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When a guy lacks the strength to cum, so instead of flying away his sperm will slowly drip off his penis like the little bitch he is.
Guy 1: I was fucking my girlfriend yesterday and couldn't give her a facial...
Guy 2: You're such a cumdrip!
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by uMorgoth January 29, 2017
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