Thanks to Rob and Big. Like Crop Dusted...but not.

When someone walks in front of an unexpecting victim and farts...the person then begins to notice the crime.

Could also be called a drive-by pant bomb
John: You crap dusted me man??
by sisterrevolution February 16, 2009
accidentaly shitting your pants as a result as an over zealous attempt to crop dust.
"dude, i tried to crop dust the library, but i ended up crap dusting it"

"you still got the pants?"

by famousfrank January 16, 2009
To let out a long fart while walking around a room so as to evenly disperse the smell. This action can either confuse potential smellers as to the culprit OR ensure that everyone gets a whiff. Variation of crop dust.
Fraternity House

Kyle gets up off couch and walks across the living room letting out a fart with a smile on his face.

Mike says: You bastard, you crap dusted us, didn't you!
by osteoace October 23, 2007
To fart or to pass gas when there's no danger of anything solid coming out with it.
I knew there was something making me feel uneasy, but after a little crap dusting I felt just fine.
(v) - When a person has to take a crap so bad that when they pull down their pants to mount their throne, they produce their gassy emmissions all the way down to the toilet seat as if fertilzing the area and their own nostrils.

(v) - Same as above except on a larger scale when one can not wait till they get to the bathroom and begin their emmissions from some point outside the bathroom. This person will often fertilize more than their own nostrils.
"Man....after all that Chinese food, my butt was crap dusting all the way to bathroom!!"
by Phrase Generator February 20, 2007
Let one rip right before leaving a store and be sure to do a lap around the perimeter to tickle the nostrils of all the unlucky patrons.
"Dude, i just crap dusted the shit out of Blockbuster"

"what the hell is crap dusting?"
by BlumpkinAftermath January 4, 2009
to fart in some ones face with there mouth open
i swear it was almost a crap storm in your face but it was just a crap dust
by bubba2356 March 12, 2008