aka "Ballbuster Video"

Video/Game rental franchaise of dubious merit that discovered they were losing a huge market share of the video rental industry by instituting an authoritarian return policy, whereupon they stupidly decided to waive all late fees to offset their dwindling customer accounts. They then decided to enter the mail rental biz and have been getting their asses wiped by Netflix (aka "Netflux") ever since, mostly because of the poor customer service and shitty selection they offer their members. Never has a once-successful company ever tried so hard to fuck itself up the ass six ways to Sunday at every turn. We can only sit back and watch with curious amusement as it struggles to outdo its own corporate incompetence before cashing in its proverbial chips to the competition. Meanwhile, all of Blockbuster's former customers can register their disgust with these assholes by driving up to the night return facility and pissing in the slot.
Attention Blockbuster shoppers...the movie you are watching has been pissed on...film at 11.
by Rollo & Biff April 4, 2008
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Bomb dropped in air raids before the incendiary bombs. Used to blow away roofs, so the incendiary (usually thermite or white phosphorus) got better access to the living spaces. The result were fires stoms which killed most people in the area.
Effectively used in WWII on Coventry, Dresden, Hamburg and other cities.

From this, some event or device that destroys entire housing areas - or empties them of people.

Also, something destructive with really big impact.

One Blockbuster dropped on Dresden in WWII killed over 3000 people. Now that's efficiency for you!
by TheRealFoo March 9, 2009
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Place where people can go, keep a movie/game for 38-45 days and only pay 1.25 for a restocking fee. Place where people don't realize that movies were ALWAYS autosold after a 12 days, but after no late fees it was bumped up to 7 days. Place where people bitch about movies never being in because of no late fees, yet often keep movies 10 days past the due date themselves. Place where people still bitch about paying $10 to buy the movie (they pay the going price minus the rental price they paid to buy it) or 1.25 to restock it when they used to pay $15 for keeping the movie 3 days late and still had to return it. Place where some people rent movies and are stupid enough to think that they never have to return the movie and never pay anything, instead of being grateful they have seven extra days to keep the movie.
Wow, Blockbusters got no more late fees, that means we can keep the movie forever after paying only 4 bucks for it and never return it, letting it hang in their inventory and preventing anyone else from getting it. When we get an inch we gotta take a mile. LOLZ.
by Firewalker April 7, 2005
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A type of bomb that causes a lot of damage, Close to dynomite.
Dude, im bringing over a blockbuster to throw in mail boxes.
by FunnyMan11191 June 24, 2006
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A movie and video game rental company. They supposedly no longer charge late fees for their items - primarily because Netflix is kicking their ass in market share. However, this is misleading, because individual stores are not required to honor that commitment!
I have yet to see one single local Blockbuster that doesn't have a sign reading "we do not participate in the 'No Late Fees' policy as advertised on T.V."
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This video store chain that ended up going bankrupt after people started using Netflix and when they started the whole "no late fees" policy at Blockbuster.
"Let's go to Blockbuster...wait it no longer is in business. Oh well. There's always gonna be Netflix!"
by dudelistico2012 August 10, 2011
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A shitty wanna-be company that will/should either end up unionized or flat broke. Cheating people outta money is the game, treating employees like shit is a bonus. Managerial skills take backburner to sales. They actually had the balls to say late fees dont make up much of their profits. Ya, ok shitbrick.
No more late fees anymore.... or breaks. Get the right shade of laces 2-year employee or go home for good.
by unknown March 13, 2005
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