Somebody who does crack regulary and gets addicted. Thus becoming a crackhead.
Mr. Angell is SUCH a crackhead!
by Roxy January 11, 2005
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The lowest form of a drug-user.
Hey everyone, look... it's a crackhead.
by Ro0ke December 10, 2002
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A person who smokes alot of crack

A person who acts stupid
That crack head asked me for a smoke
by Ms.Macy August 16, 2006
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A crackhead is when somebody is so dumb their head is snaped to bits it has another meaning but it sucks
by Loch a ri no November 04, 2020
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1.Person who does excessive amounts of crack cocaine.
2.Person who acts as though they do excessive amounts of crack cocaine.This meaning is typically misconstrued with slightly quirkier than normal teenage girls.
Emily why the fuck did eat that silica gel packet!! You're such a crackhead!!!
by Timothy Chalamet June 03, 2020
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