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the act of wiping your ass due to a feeling of anal moistness most likely caused by a poor wipe job from a dump taken earlier in the day
"dude, if you're feeling itchy, I would do a check wipe before we tee off in this 95 degree heat..."
by coolio January 10, 2005

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The coolest guy ever he has sex every single day with countless women (hot women).
Wow Leo is the fucking coolest guy ever!
by Coolio November 10, 2004

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Let me just say that everyone on this page is right, except for the one attempting to make fun of Tim Roche and Melch. You hockey players are just a bunch of AIDS-carrying 20 year olds that look to infect all incomming freshman.
Hockey = boooo
Beer = Yay!
by Coolio January 04, 2005

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/N/ One that has a face consisting of solid excretion of the anus, and is the master of all the is and related to the male genitalia.
"I hate you, you stupid shit-faced cockmaster, I think your mother went to school on raising shit-faced cockmasters, that is why you are such a shit-faced cockmaster... thank you."
by Coolio January 16, 2004

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The name of people, you don't wanna mess with.
That there is, George Roulston's house, don't mess with him!
by Coolio September 10, 2003

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Danny Patton or any other sort of fat slob that irritates you beyond any other belief and smells really bad, kinda like fuck and dog shit all at the same time, plus dead man boobs and duck... that plus crap...
"Thanks for pushing me into the wall fatty, you stupid FattyMcShitFuck!
by Coolio January 16, 2004

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dope addict - will reproduce to create crackbabies
That crackhead Latisha went and had a crackbaby in between fixes.
by Coolio October 02, 2003

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