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1. A baby born to a mother who used crack cocaine during pregnancy. Sometimes mentally deficient, physically deformed, and addicted.
2. An insult. Suggestion that the target is the result of such a pregnancy, due to physical or mental shortcomings.
"That kid is a fucking crackbaby. He couldn't tie his shoes if they were velcro."
by the devil made me do it February 14, 2003
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One who is seriously deformed, resultant of their mother's use of drugs during pregnancy.

Senka is an idiot...crack baby.
by HOMIEg-BCC March 05, 2004
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A mother who smokes crack while having a kid, when the kid is born it will be a crack baby/retarded or have problems,or may luckily be smart.
Yo mama smoked a lot of crack when use wuz born, u crack baby.
by Pavelski8 September 12, 2006
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1. A baby of a crack whore that is deformed.
2. A person you know that is high and acting retarded or unable to control themselves. Not a functioning social user.
3. A person that is addicted and jonesing for some of whatever they are addicted to, unable to obtain what they need they appear to be a crack baby.
I smoked a bowl and went to the Spring concert. I avoided crack baby status by keeping it together.
by nick May 15, 2006
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A completely fictional creature invented in the 1980's by the Church of Voodoo Pharmacology. The allegation was that crack cocaine smoked by pregnant women essentially caused fetal alcohol syndrome, when in fact (as many doctors have testified), the often-freakish babies born to crack addicts were the victims of serious malnutrition (as their mothers were often very poor and/or retarded) and of course fetal alcohol syndrome.
Interviewer: Tell us about the crack baby plague which is sweeping the nation.
Doctor: Actually, on examining these "crack babies," I find that their mothers were almost always alcholics and chain-smokers who were seriously malnourished during pregnancy. Any fetus would be extremely lucky to end up normal in that situation, with or without cocaine.
Interviewer: No, you're not getting the concept. We want to know about the *plague* of *crack babies*. If you won't cooperate we'll just interview someone else.
(true story, paraphrased)
by jazzriff October 14, 2005
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