1. A baby born to a mother who used crack cocaine during pregnancy. Sometimes mentally deficient, physically deformed, and addicted.
2. An insult. Suggestion that the target is the result of such a pregnancy, due to physical or mental shortcomings.
"That kid is a fucking crackbaby. He couldn't tie his shoes if they were velcro."
by the devil made me do it February 15, 2003
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A girl who claims to not be on crack, but is obviously on a large amount of it. She enjoys creeping on others in public, not caring who listens or sees. She is extremely crazy and loves attention and being different. She clearly has LOTS of issues such as asthma and being bipolar. You may find her lurking the streets with a megaphone. She also enjoys saying phrases that make others uncomfertable such as; "I'm going to stalk your babies" with a wink ;)
That Jersey Crackbaby is off the wall. She pushed me aside in school and told me that her dad made her shove glass in her vagina.
by Mynameisalbert November 10, 2012
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1. Int. Expression of dissatisfaction with a situation, see also shit, crap, fuck, god dammit.
2. V. A word used to express ones feelings.

Related to crackhead.
1. Crackbabies! I just locked my keys in the car!
2. Oh crackbabies!
by Bodhisattva April 25, 2004
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one who jacks crackbabys and butts
i was in the mall when all of the sudden a crackbaby buttjacker took my butt and my crackbaby
by dfsaf October 1, 2007
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A rare and serious form of chlamydia contracted by fucking a crackbaby whore. crackbaby chlamydia
“Oh my gosh did you hear Steven got STD tested and he’s positive for crackbaby chlamydia?”
Omg no way!! Poor guy!”
by Swagmoneysky December 4, 2018
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Someone who is overly obsessive over something, also someone who try’s there hardest in something.
Kid1: damn chill you “CRACKBABY
by M3kh11_SC&Insta November 15, 2018
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