The lowest form of a drug-user.
Hey everyone, look... it's a crackhead.
by Ro0ke December 10, 2002
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A thing who barely has any teeth, hangs around the same spot everyday at the same time with a crack pipe hidden in there collar or panties. They chase you and beg for change and lie and make up some B.S about buying a meal. Don't be fooled by the creature. Many of them over populate the bleeding heart of Jersey, Newark.
Bob: hey tom, i'm gonna run in to buy some cigarettes at the....
Bonquisha- excuse me can i have some spare change for a meal at kfc tonight.
Bob: uh tom... let's go back to nutley, i'm tired of seeing these crackheads.
by it's a fine day August 20, 2011
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One who abuses crack. The lost of family, friends, income and other items seem not to bother this person. This person has turn his/her back on the true meaning of life. The only thing left for a crackhead is the aweful smell of shit that follows them like a shadow on a hot sunny day. Soap and water has become his/her biggest enemy! They are on the hunt...damn everything else! If he/she had to choose between his/her mother or crack...the mother would be quickly rejected...and crack so passionately embraced!
Damn I can't believe my mom has not returned in 4 days
(the next day) Hi kids I am so...so...sorry...I did not mean to leave you here in this house for 5 days without food or water! It won't happen again.....
(child)yeah right! Mom we all know you are a crackhead! Please get help... you are destroying our family!
by Blackdiamond September 13, 2007
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