Latisha is the girl. She's the prettiest girl around. She's of a darker skin tone and the most attractive. She usually quite, sweet and loving. She very educated and extremely independent. She doesn't look to a man for nothing. If you ever come across a Latisha be genuine to her. If finds out your not, you've got hell to pay.
Yo, Latisha is fire, son. She's the prettiest girl I've seen and she independent. I'm tryna get with that.
by Fairstylez March 15, 2017
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A dirty, down beat housewife who earns money from standing on the corner from 9 to 5. Can be found strolling the tips or in black men's housing commission.
That Latisha is so ghetto!
by laylamofo April 3, 2015
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To be called Latisha you must be small blonde and can not say “squirrel” correctly
I’m a Latisha
by Anonymous 2.2 February 8, 2018
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Latin meaning: Joy
American meaning: successful and independent
Every little wants to grow up to be LaTisha
by Maya Angel February 3, 2010
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is loving and loyal but you never want to cross them because revenge is sweet.
LaTisha gets cheated on by husband and the husband gets nothing
by L8r chick February 5, 2010
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Responsible,loving and loyal. Love her friends n family. Often left out and last.
Latisha Smith is a Very caring and giving person
by Latisha Smith December 21, 2016
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A fat bitch who goes to the store in a bikini and has 16 rolls per cubic feet
by Bonquisha Latisha June 15, 2017
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