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Latisha is the girl. She's the prettiest girl around. She's of a darker skin tone and the most attractive. She usually quite, sweet and loving. She very educated and extremely independent. She doesn't look to a man for nothing. If you ever come across a Latisha be genuine to her. If finds out your not, you've got hell to pay.
Yo, Latisha is fire, son. She's the prettiest girl I've seen and she independent. I'm tryna get with that.
by Fairstylez March 15, 2017
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is loving and loyal but you never want to cross them because revenge is sweet.
LaTisha gets cheated on by husband and the husband gets nothing
by L8r chick February 04, 2010
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A dirty, down beat housewife who earns money from standing on the corner from 9 to 5. Can be found strolling the tips or in black men's housing commission.
That Latisha is so ghetto!
by laylamofo April 02, 2015
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Latisha's are usually well known 'Thots'. They tend to always be with a man/women and occasionally a Dog!they are a very sexually active person and take up 83% of the porn industry .She likes penis , vagina and often has a ear, nose, foreskin, and bellybutton fetish . She really loves her holes!
"I shagged a phat thottiana last night "
"nice a Latisha"
or another example
"My mum had a date last night at Maccas she was so happy"
"Yeah latisha was so nice to me but i fled as soon as she mentioned she had akid"
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To be called Latisha you must be small blonde and can not say β€œsquirrel” correctly
I’m a Latisha
by Anonymous 2.2 February 08, 2018
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Layisha's are usually heavy drug users and have children named after fruit products such as Koolaid, juice,demoni, or even tang. They usually strattle the fence of str8 and bisexual also known as being greedy. On their Monday trip to the clinic they usually give the doctor their own diagnosis along with a tissue containing the current discharge in exchange for an injection.
Dude stay away from that Latisha girl, she has an appointment every Monday at the clinic for the next 5 years.
by PookiePookie July 02, 2019
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