Ava is the name of an Amazing girl. This name comes from the Latin origin , and is related to birds , as well as a relation with Eve. If you find a girl with the name Ava , she is probably the most amazing girl you will ever meet . She is perfect in every way , shape and form . Ava has beautiful hair .She has an amazing personality , nice , smart , funny and very athletic. She is also the most beautiful girl , or even sight your eyes will ever see . Ava looks down on herself thinking she is , ugly and stupid though she is none of the above . If you ever meet an Ava do anything possible to bring her in your arms . Never let her go , keep her warm at night , and treat her like what she is , the best girl in the world. Never let her go . I love Ava and hope one day I will be blessed enough to be with her.
Guy 1 - I think im in love with her , she is perfect .

Guy 2 - Thats Ava
by YoBoiWill March 21, 2017
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Ava is a name given to an individual of the female gender. Its only discerning quality is that legally, it is mandatory to give any Ava within a 50 mile radius $500,000. If you don’t believe this, just remember that you’re on the internet; everything you hear is true. Êvęrÿthīñg.
by Definitely Not Ava 6847021935 September 29, 2019
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An amazing, wonderful, pretty, perfect girl. She has the most beautiful eyes ever and is very athletic. You never know if you are in the friend zone or more with her flirty smile. She is the girl you will want to hold on to for the rest of your life.
Guy 1: I met this girl today and she was perfect! But I'm not sure if she liked me or not, she gave me this amazing smile...
Guy 2: Bet her names Ava
Guy 1: How did you know?
by ¡NameDefinitions! February 3, 2015
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ava will be probably the bestfriend you will ever met. She is always there for you and puts your troubles ahead of her own, which she has a lot of (even if you don't know). She is really silly and funny, but it definitely charms you, especially all of the cute, older boys. Besides her amazing personality, she has a cute face and a beautiful body. She is also very athletic, and is good at every sport she tries. ava's are usually tall and fit, with perfectly toned skin and perfect hair. An ava is definitely a keeper, and cherish her forever.
I met this girl named Ava yesterday, she was so perfect!
by ¡NameDefinitions! September 8, 2016
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One of the most amazing girls to ever exist. She is unbelievably smart and beautiful, so if you ever get a chance to be with her, take it. She will also have a best friend who she does almost everything with.
Person 1: “Who is that new girl in our class? She’s smart af”
Person 2: “That’s Ava”
Person 1: “Ohhh, no wonder she is beautiful then.”
Person 2: “Tell me about it!”
by Hello I’m a person May 8, 2022
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The person you always want to be around she is amazing her laughter is like your favorite 80's music although she is sometimes annoying and bothers you for candy but it doesn't matter because you always know that the one true friend you have is Ava. She is always outgoing . She's also that person that you texted all weekend because well because simply put you have no life because you spend all of your time talking to Ava and you enjoy it. She is the only person that you know that goes ahhhhhh from someone walking by and don't get her angry because if you do you are in for a treat, a cartwheel in the face. She's another one of those really ticklish people that will fall down completely if you try to tickle them and succeed. She's also the only person you know that procrastinate's so much that there will be a huge assignment due tomorrow and she will be the one that says I didn't procrastinate I started at 5 pm and its 11 pm. Just wow I mean that takes a heck of a person that takes an Ava.
by Jackolantren February 5, 2015
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Sweet, loving, person! Gorgeous girl! Cares a lot about the environment and loves animals! If you ever meet one you will know just how sweet, funny, kind and they can be! :) Ava can be a little bit crazy but, girls just want to have fun! Right! Ava probably has big dreams that she will make sure come true.
Dude 1: Hey look it's that funny new girl!
Dude 2: I bet her name is Ava
by ASL4life January 21, 2017
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