waay! a common insulust shouted at a fool when they stack it or do somthing stupid at a school
by Liam (m.g.s) December 15, 2006
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To leave a place. Originated from the Afrikaans language, translates to 'go'.
Ayy man, this place is kak, let's waai.
by basieseafrikaansemeisie April 11, 2020
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The vullphil meant and adhours for the architects application. New year a new day!
Raaw^waaY has been a tool for 1s and Os, but has sinced gone beyond creativty into the source of power.
by √°®\¶ July 4, 2021
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used to show extra excessiveness, and commonly used with the word to as in "waay too".
You are waay too young for me to date.
by catcee October 11, 2013
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