first of all to clear things up, cowboys aren't gay. brokeback mountain was a movie about sheep herders, not cowboys. if anything most cowboys are gay bashers...and most of them are sheep herder bashers to
urban person: hey look at that broke back cowboy
cowboy: uneducated sombitch!!
by mccay March 22, 2006
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When your having sex from the rear position with your girlfrind, say her sisters name just before you finish. Then see how long you can hang on.
"I rode hannah out for 7 seconds last night playing the cowboy!"
by Moherator March 27, 2008
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a reckless and independent person, usually a male(especially a reckless driver)
Some cowboy drove right in my way. He almost got me into a car crash.
by Light Joker January 20, 2005
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1. in the American Old West, a tough, honest and practical summa bitch who worked to get paid, and then spent all of his money on whiskey and women at the end of the trail. Cowboys are honest and ethical, but know how to have a good time, too.

2. an athlete or fan of Oklahoma State University. Much like the first definition, OSU Cowboys are also tough, honest and practical as well as fiercely loyal to their school and its athletic programs. Come on down to our home on the range-Stillwater, OK-and we'll show you some hospitality you won't experience anywhere else...unless you're a sooner.
My heroes have always been cowboys; they're tough and practical, and they don't suffer fools (e.g., sooners).
by Pokes Win February 19, 2004
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UK slang

A tradesperson, normally a builder, plumber, roofer etc who performs shoddy work at an inflated price.
I paid some cowboy to fix the leak, he charged me 300 quid and I've still got 6 inches of water in my kitchen.
by black flag June 02, 2004
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(noun) 1. a man, or sometimes a boy, who tends or herds beef cattle or works on a beef ranch; COWMAN; COWHAND 2. Americanism, Colloquial any man or boy who wears the typical garb like that of a cowboy Sense 1 as in play or fashion 3. American slang a male person regarded as simple, rustic, idealistic, uneducated, crude, unsophisticated, wild, and/or reckless, also, a man who is a reckless car or truck driver 4. Americanism any male character in western pictures or novels who acts or dresses like a cowboys as a gunslinger, sheriff, train robbers, etc. in the old American west 5. American slang something regarded as western in culture as a book or film as “I have fifteen war films and fifty cowboys in my video collection.”
(adj) 1. like, of, or pertaining to cowboys and/or American western culture as a cowboy hat, a cowboy gun, or a cowboy movie 2. American slang shoddy, ad hoc or inferior in workmanship or quality as cowboy coffee or cowboy wiring
(vi) to do the work of cowboys; tend or herd beef cattle
-cowboy up American slang be a man; act as a genuine male; face a difficult challenge or task at hand
The cowboys rode sunup until sundown with grit teeth!!
by Jon64Bailey January 13, 2009
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Someone who is overstepping their boundaries or taking things too far. A synonym or tiger.
"...so there we were with a couple of Canadian lumberjacks and a one-eyed, one-armed Norwegian quadriplegic. So I turned to Umberto and Crazy Pete and said, ´How'd we end up in this Turkish prison anyway. WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?´ And then, out of nowhere, this guy with a nightstick..."
"Whoa, whoa, settle down. Easy, cowboy."
by Nick D December 19, 2003
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