A tough, hard-working, real man. Not a libral. No queer could ever be a cowboy. A cowboy knows how tie fences, drive an american made manual truck.
My grandpa is a cowboy because he owns a ranch and manages he horses and cows on it even though he is 73. Lets see a lib
by bill's left leg January 09, 2006
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to fuck a girl in the ass, then yell "your a fat slut!" then when she tries to buck u off, hold on!!
"i gave her a cowboy"
by "furby" March 07, 2004
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You're banging a girl and you say, "Wow, I guess great sex runs in your family. But I think that you're sister/mother gave better head." Assuming that things go to plan, you're wench gets angry and tries to throw you off. Stay on as long as you can.. that's the fun.
Don't try this with manly women.. they get pissed.
by StONY January 25, 2004
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A person who hunts down criminals for cash or credit, also known as a bounty hunter.
I'm just an ol' fashioned cowboy ma'am.
by Mcnastied October 18, 2003
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To handle a complex problem with a simplistic approach that totally misses the mark but seems brave, strong and courageous. The key player substitutes bravado and bluster for skill, understanding and tact. Boldness trumps intelligence.
You could count on then President Bush to cowboy any serious problem, wrestling it to the ground like a rodeo star, manhandling the most serious challenges of the century as if they were steers in the ring.
by Songpoet November 23, 2005
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a sick bastard dressed up im leather riding animals around a ring for his fans and later having sex with the bulls and goats.
Dont let ur babies grow up to be cow boys! thats animal cruelty
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