4 definitions by mike o.

The after taste of a cheap cigar.
Hey bill, I have a bad case of captain black-mouth
by mike o. May 25, 2009
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A girl who is a 9 or up on a 1 to 10 rating and deserves being pointed out to your friends
Yo mike look at the great dane by the cashier
by mike o. June 19, 2009
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1.an asshole who likes to fuck alot
2.a simpler word for fuckin asshole
Your best friend is going around and fucking everyone he sees and then you find out hes fuckin your girlfriend assfuckinhole!!!!!
by mike o. February 18, 2004
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This is when a guy sits on top of a keg with the tap in between his legs and rocks back and forth with the nozzle in his mouth chugging. with his free hand twirling around above his head as if he has a lasso
Dude keg stands and gargoyles are good but I'm doin a cowboy
by mike o. June 22, 2009
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