A collection of losers all bundeled together into a football team. A football team whose members were picked up from the local prison. Proof that the President of the United States should never come from Texas.
A good year is when the Cowboys don't make it to the playoffs or are knocked out during the playoffs.
by jesster79 March 04, 2005
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One of the many groups of people who represent this great country called America whether you like them or not. They would heard cattle, risk their lives, ride for weeks and often not make more than $30 a month.
Often associated with country they are much cooler than pirates. They are also much better people and a lot more realistic.
by Loi April 21, 2006
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A descriptive word of Texan origin which can be used interchangably as a noun, a verb, an imperative, or an adjective.
Noun: "Are you a real cowboy?" (self explanatory)

Verb: "Ol' Jimmy ain't much to look at, but he sure can cowboy!" (i.e., possesses the skills necessary to do the work of a cowboy)

Imperative: "Cowboy up!" (i.e., quit whining & get tough)

Adjective: "That's real cowboy of you!" (i.e., decent or nice. Sometimes used sarcastically to someone who let you down)
by Texan September 02, 2004
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A janitor or bottom level ranch/farm employee. Someone who is responsible for the worst jobs working with animals like cows and pigs. Lower in rank than a ranch hand, cook, or foreman.
The animals went all over the barn last night. Go get the cowboy to clean up that crap.
by AE76 September 05, 2020
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verb. To kill a person with an excessive amount of bullets, this is usually done by associates of a crime syndicate who wish to send a message to those who would cross them. The action itself is done by pointing a gun (preferrably automatic) at the victim, and squeezing the the trigger while moving ones hand up and down, left and right, spraying bullets into the victim like it's 1929.
Did you hear what happened to Dutch Schultz when he angered Banana-Nose Maldonado? Maldonado had the Teacher and some of his boys cowboy him.
by Eiliries September 03, 2005
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According to Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from MTV hit series "Jersey Shore" a cowboy is a hot guy who's not Italian.
You can't marry a cowboy but you could go for a ride on one.
by Niki Tuezday! September 05, 2010
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