A common pseudonym for a place where acts of disturbing sexual conduct, preferably rape, has occurred, as was the case in the movie "midnight express".
"Have I told you about the time I was in a Turkish Prison?"
by A*mazing April 26, 2010
The situation that results when, during a game of backgammon, you have built on your side a series of blocks (two pieces on each point), such that escape is very difficult, depending on the throw of only one particular number.

(See Ottoman Prison for a related term.)
(During a backgammon game.)

You: "Now you are in a Turkish Prison and only a 4 will allow you to escape."

Your opponent: "Well at least I'm not in an Ottoman Prison."
by Crater14 January 22, 2011
aka the turk p, turkish p
the turkish prisoner is the act of delivering a feisty

blowjob to a man, only using teeth.

some like it slow, some like it fast, the more teeth the better.
a blowjob with great zest and appeal is improved only when the

blower using teeth/sans tongue spit and gums and cheek to

simulate sex with the penis...erect or unerect.

"i love it when bad toothed motherfuckers give me the turkish prisoner."

great candidates to perform this bloody art are:

-anyone with braces
-amy winehouse
-gary busey
-joan rivers
by david the white shadow January 25, 2008
The subsequent chaos that ensues when an individual turns the lights on and off repeatedly in a mens locker room. Especially chaotic after a gym class or hot day.
I leaned up against the light switch and accidentally started a turkish prison riot again.
by Hardun tucker February 18, 2018