what to say to someone when you want something from them
Where's that fifty you owe me? Cough it up!

Have you got that information I wanted? Cough it up!
by yorrick hunt January 18, 2008
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To give money to pay for something especially when you would prefer not to.
"Come on, you, cough up a buck you cheap bastard."
"Come on, cough up . It's your turn to pay."
"I had to cough up for the medical bills."
by magicianfromriga June 12, 2008
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to speak in an overly elaborate and ornamental manner, drawing more attention to your knowledge of language than to what is trying to be conveyed.
Jane would be a better journalist if she wasn't so busy coughing up chandeliers.
by Cristopher February 07, 2008
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another means of saying, screwed up, fucked up.
Tim: Hey how was your date last night?
Earl: It didn't happen, she coughed up a dick.
by Andy! December 29, 2006
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Usually a phenomenon present in the cannabis community amongst stoners and sufferers of conditions like acute bronchitis or pneumonia which refers to the excessive, continuous, almost always painful, heave inducing, tomato face consequent coughing fit the results in great exhaustion.
Guy: Dude I was at my buddy's last night and I took a huge hit from his 3 chamber honeycomb bong! Made me cough up a lung!
by Dayserking June 09, 2014
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To jerk off so many times in a day you barely cum anything.
Oh, man. I was so bored yesterday, at the end of it I was coughing up dust.
by Sillynilley August 12, 2011
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To cough up something you don't remeber swallowing or to eat a pokemon, digimon, yugioh, etc. card.
Ryley: i just had to cough up professor oak
Ryan: eww....nice!!
by Ryley the canadian April 15, 2008
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