condition that may be caused by smoke inhalation.
so i woke up to get me a cold pop... Sweet, Lord, Jesus I ran... But the smoke got me and I got bronchitis, ain't nobody got time for that.
by Luclear April 13, 2012
A lung sickness. Sometimes you can get it from smoking too many ciggerettes or you can catch it from somebody. Its an infection insdie your respiratory system.


1. Coughing up extra mucus

2. Wheezing

3. Difficulty breathing

4. Stuffy nose or runny nose
"I had to go to the doctors because I have bronchitis."
by ILIKEWEEDX23421234120 June 5, 2009
A very time consuming ailment affecting the respiratory system.
by Weah89 September 8, 2013
Sweet Brown woke up to get a cold pop. Then she thought somebody was barbequin. Then she said, "oh lord Jesus, it's a fire." Then she ran for her life, and didn't grab no shoes or nothin', Jesus. And THEN, she got bronchitis.
"And THEN, I got bronchitis. Ain't nobody got time fo dat!"
by TheCreatorofEverythingSexy September 8, 2013
The throat sickness someone gets from giving too much neck.
Whoahh, Stacey got a serious case of bronchitis from that party last night.

George couldn't come 'cause he was suffering from that odee case of bronchitis from that rager yesterday.
by Thereliablesource March 7, 2012
The disease which inspired rapper Cardi B's name. She sounds so awful that it sounds like she has cardiovascular bronchitis
Joe: Man i've got this bad case of cardiovascular bronchitis.

Bob: Yeah you sound just like Cardi B
by BernardosexyOHiggins69 March 20, 2018
Chronic Bronchitis is a condition developed from smoking Chronic for a very long time. Some one with Chronic Bronchitis will cough and hack their guts out nearly everytime they take a hit. See Chronic Fatigue.
"My Uncle Bob suffers from Chronic Bronchitis. He can't even smoke a bowl with out almost choking to death"
by JGSR July 22, 2006