V. To be on the couch chilaxing. See: chilaxing
The very form of beign a couch potatoe
I was too busy couching to eat, so I died.
by WEENER February 18, 2005
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Leave me alone I'm couching.

Yeah I'm couching, it's going to be happening for the next 8 hours, what's up?
by roraborealis July 26, 2011
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The act of engaging in promiscuous activities on living room furniture. Such as making love and having sex on a couch. Also could mean getting fingered or giving a hand job on a couch.
Oh my god! Did you hear that Nick and Kim were couching last night, while Kim's mother was in the other room working?!
by NickJonasForReal January 30, 2009
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Tying an old couch to the back of a truck in winter and sitting on it while it is pulled down a snowy road.
We had nothing else to do so Jeff proposed we go couching.
by Blaze7071 April 2, 2010
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the act of smoking a joint and or rolling a j.
Dude, the people in the other room are couching up a storm.

I couched on her stomach.
by starshineluv November 7, 2010
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The amount of time it takes to leave one's own couch, travel to a new destination, and sit on the couch at said destination.

The amount of time is longer because you not only include driving/walking time, but the time it takes to prepare to leave, and the time it takes to settle in after arrival.
He said he'll be over in ten, but it'll really take him fifteen minutes couch to couch.
by Crackima Kate December 5, 2010
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(adj.) to be under the influence of marijuana to the point where you are stuck on the couch or you just can't wait to get to the couch.
Dawg, I'm fuckin couched right now.
Dude, I'm mutha fuckin' couched.
by adamshane October 7, 2011
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