To chill and to relax at the EXACT same time. Nifty, I know.
Tim, Steve, I chilaxed with our monkeys while we watched a chick flick.
by Ashley March 28, 2005
real comfortable , almost asleep , tired, stoned
Don't bother me right now I'm chilaxing.
by BERTHA August 29, 2014
Isn't it a bit obvious?
chill + relaxing =chilaxing
What r u doing...?
ans: chilaxing
by bok-choy November 2, 2003
combined from chilling and relaxing. slang in the hood when you're too lazy to say both words chilling and relaxing.
i'm just chilaxing with some purple cush and my forty
by good for nothing December 5, 2002
To be calm, can also mean that you are in a state of relaxation.
"What you doing tonight"
"Man I'm just chilaxin at the crib tonight"

"I'm about to kick his ass"
"Naw man it ain't even worth all that,just chilax"
by Brittany Ervin June 29, 2006
To chill or relax
the "pill form" of chilax

synonym: chill pill
Doug- I am going to kill you dude!
Gordon- Dude take a chilaxative
by David John Schmitt April 11, 2008
for some one who uses lots of slang
by karl October 8, 2003