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British slang for the Homosexual Pursuit of procuring a sexual partner in a public toilet, the term comes from the architectural appearance of public toilets. A carrier bag is commonly used to disguise the feet of the recipient
of oral gratifacation giving the appearance to the casual observer of a bag containing a pair of size 9 cat boots placed by the inside of the cubicle door.

See Also: Glory Hole
Nigel was tired on Monday he and Colin had a tough Sunday Cottageing around the Lake District public lavatories
by Ralfy Boy January 25, 2006
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Hanging around public toilets and spying over men's penises for sexual gratification.
Tony was arrested last monday for cottageing
by Hector Knox June 25, 2005
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A brittish slang word for anonomous gay sex in a brittish public toilet, or cruising for sex with a stranger( brittish public toilets used to look like cottages.). giveaways of cottageing are removed light bulbs and holes in the cubicle walls.
Oi mate fancy going cottageing. or, would you mind taking a look at this.
by cottage man April 10, 2011
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