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1.(n) A type of house. Usually found in picturesque locales, such as lakeshores, seashores, the Hamptons, so on. But that's not what you came here to hear about.

2.(n) A public restroom, such as the ones one might find in a public park. These are so named because of their house-like exterior. Use in this context is widely restricted to Europe.

3.(v) The act of anonymously meeting up with a member of the same sex at a public restroom ("cottage" - see above), with the intent of gettin' down n' dirty with them within.
1. Every rich person owns a cottage.

2. I must be getting to a cottage, or I'll soil my knickers!

3. Did you see that guy in the skinny jeans standing by the door of the bathroom? He is so cottaging.
by dont i know June 14, 2009

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The belief that anybody that you don't know can and will do you harm, given the chance. This is often hammered into the minds of anyone older than the age of 2, and is meant to be used as an anti-kiddy diddler mechanism. Unfortunately, this is usually ineffective, as most diddlers-to-be are friends of the soon-to-be-diddled kiddy's family, or otherwise acquainted with the diddlee.
Furthermore, this myth can cause racism,xenophobia,paranoia, and other traits commonly expressed by home-schooled children.
You can thank the Stranger-Danger Myth for the behavior of most kids up to the age of 10 regarding strangers.
by dont i know July 08, 2009

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1.(adj.) A person who eats food like it's going out of style (i.e. frequently and in large quantities).

2.(adj.) A person is needlessly overprotective of his/her food.

3.(adj.) A lazy person- an EXTREMELY lazy person.

4.(n) A derogatory term for a person that is overweight. (such a person would have a very fat ass - hence the term).

5.(n, adj.) Any person that expresses any combination of the four traits above.
1. Person 1: I'm hungry.
Person 2: But you just ate 4 T.V. dinners half an hour ago!
Person 1:Ionno, I'm still hungry.
Person 2: Man, you're such a fatass.

2. Girl: Can I have a french fry? *Takes Fry*
Guy: OMG! NO! *snatches fry and hides french fries*
Girl: Jesus. There's no reason to be such a fatass.

3. Billy was such a fatass that he felt the need to drive his car to the supermarket down the block.

4.(on the subway)

Anorexic 1: Oh my god, look at that fatass over there! He's taking up two fucking seats!
Anorexic 2: If I was that fat, I would just kill myself right then and there.
Fatass: Look at those two waifs sharing the seat over there. Eat a sandwich, skinny.

5. -
by dont i know June 18, 2009

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