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Hanging around public toilets and spying over men's penises for sexual gratification.
Tony was arrested last monday for cottageing
by Hector Knox June 25, 2005

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A young man, usually vertically challenged, with a particular fondness for masturbation, or someone who fiddles with themself far too often
That guy is a real toss goblin
by Hector Knox June 25, 2005

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A beligerent ghoul who wears track suits, henri lloyd sweaters and baseball caps all the time (even in court) and tries to prove oneself by picking fights with innocent and usually solitary members of the public. Chorer's are basically townies or chavs who steal on a regular basis, ie they chore.
When not on the chore they are usually causing willful damage to public and or private property, sniffing gas, hanging outside McDonald's in Halifax and giving abuse to strangers.
example A: "Someone chored my motor!"

example B: "Ey dack 'ed you startin?"
"Fuck off and get a job you lousy Chorer"
by Hector Knox October 13, 2006

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Someone, usually male, who is sexually inadequate and possibly has a tiny dick and is something of stranger to women's best friend that is the clitoris and couldn't find a G-spot on a radar.
Lad; "Hey baby, how about a good time?"

Lass; "Why don't you fuck off to whatever little fucking sewer you crawled out of you sad, pathetic, smelly, borderline queer little Clit-tard!"
by Hector Knox July 09, 2006

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Someone who has the painful and hindering curse of getting drunk and banging a real fat ugly bitch.
Don't invite Lewis out tonight, that buster's a big time fatty banger.
by Hector Knox June 25, 2005

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Someone who lives in a house but is still a scruffy little bum.

Someone with a house but no awareness of looking and acting like a tramp.
Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.

"Get the fuck away from me you fucking indoor hobo, you have a house so have a fucking wash"
by Hector Knox June 25, 2005

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Memory loss, bewilderment and general disorientation following on from drinking vast quantities of alcohol. Sufferers have no concept of anything - a general sign of having too much booze.

More hardened sufferers keep the symptoms whilst being sober. Similar to mumnesia, only the cause is being a drunken twat.

A.K.A. Alcoholic Dementia
Woman: Did you call the carpet fitters?

Man: Ah shit... I forgot, my Alczheimers must be getting worse.
by Hector Knox March 11, 2008

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