When a single person on a team within an online game such as Counter-Strike: Source is of a much higher skill than the rest of the team, meaning he/she has a much higher score. To carry the team to victory is when the team wins because of the carrier bag.
Player 1: Yo dude how's this crap team winning?
Player 2: It's probably because thye have that carrier bag!
Player 1, 2, 3, 4 +5: Grrr!!
by H.Castle August 4, 2007
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Two people in the shitter one of them stood in carrier bags so no one can see their feet
Oii yoou wanna come carrier bagging wiink wink tom
by Pumpkin baggers April 1, 2016
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wearing pants made out of plastic bags for recreational purposes
let's wear carrier bag pants tonight!

commence the carrier bag panting!!!
by sheila macleod February 6, 2009
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1.) a white dimpled ball used in the gentlemans game of Golf placed in an empty plastic bag used for carrying food to ones car from the supermarket.

2.) a womans norks that are very droopy and unattractive. Can be the result of a unit losing a lot of weight or just generally nasty swingers.
Baggers: How'd you get on with that bird last night webbo? Get any change out of her?

Weboo: Nah, I packed up my balls and left after she took her top off.

Baggers: Rancid cans?

Webbo: Yeah, golf balls in carrier bags mate.
by Baggers80 September 2, 2010
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To have a posh wank with a Durex extra safe. Known thus due to the noise that you will make.
I got busted twice last nite crumpling the carrier bag, shocker.
by Jibber June 6, 2005
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A way to describe the fanny of a girl who has lots of sex
Johnny: I’d shag her
James: Nah she has a fanny like a carrier bag
by Suckyourdad February 3, 2021
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