A term used by inverted men - both young and old- who like to frequent public lavatories (which they call ‘cottages’) in order to experience sexual solace.
‘Keep away from those toilets, Fred, it’s full of nine-bob-notes going cottaging!’
by Colonel Barnaby January 19, 2023
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the act of having anonymous sexual encounters with other men in public toilets.
by greeef April 24, 2003
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Discreet acts of buggery performed in a toilet cubicle. Often anonymous.
"Ross and Howard were cottaging in the downstairs bogs the other day. I wasn't shocked to find them at it though; I suspected them all along."
by KHD August 30, 2003
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— n

( Brit ) Homosexual activity in a public lavatory involving two men and a wall with a hole in it. You work it out.

C20: from cottage (sense 4)
'Ronald was exploring the multifarious mechanical advantages of different cottaging positions'

Ronald: 'I have, by trial and error, come to the conclusion that the plastic bag method is by far the most convenient and pleasurable method. Nevertheless, it lacks the anonymity typically desired for such an experience, thus some may prefer the "hole in the wall" method, as it adds a sense of discretion and adventure.'

Son: 'Daddy, what's cottaging?'
Father: 'Well son, when two men love each other very much, they secretly meet in public lavatories and do the dirty. Through a hole in the wall. The excitment is unparalleled.'
by Oliver the Orphan January 25, 2011
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When a man goes into a toilet to take a shit. He puts a carrier bag on the floor and his friend steps inside it. Then the man taking a shit starts sucking his cock. So, if some looks underneath the door it looks like someone is sat taking a shit with their shopping between their legs.
Guy 1 - fancy going cottaging?
Guy 2 - Let me get my carrier bag
Guy 3 - What are they doing in there? let me take a peak under the door. Ahhh He's taking a shit, must of just got back from the shops.
by Wuthering Heights May 10, 2010
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the persuit of homosexual "Acts" of an anonymous nature in pubilc lavatories via a small and well crafted hole in the cubicle wall to ensure
"Please excuse me a second Nathanial, I'm going to check out the cottaging facilities"

"Ow" exclaimed Bowden "My Japseye seems to contain an angry splinter. I know i should have sanded the cottaging hole"
by James November 11, 2003
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Cottaging, the act of standing in a plastic bag whilst acts of buggery are performed on you by another in a public convenience cubicle.
We caught some dirty buggers cottaging in the bogs in the park last night.
by Benson August 13, 2003
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