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At the end of an act of anal sex, when a penis is removed from an asshole, sometimes the penis is covered with shit and with kernels of undigested corn. This phenomena, as well as the penis in this situation, are known as "corn dick". Corn, if not chewed up, is not easily digested and so appears as whole kernals in feces, which then sticks to the penis in anal sex. Corn dick can generally be prevented with enemas.
You bottoms had better clean your shit 'cause I don't want no corn dick when I fuck you.
by moretolife August 09, 2005
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A corn dick is a stupid hick/redneck/backwards ass country fuck who is oblivious to anything other than hunting/bad country music/farming/and of course, corn. They loooove corn. Whenever you see a corn dick it is customary to give out a corn dick call, which you do so by using a very high pitched and loud voice and say: "UHH-WHOOUUUH, CORN!" high pitched emphasis should go into the 'OUUUH' bit followed by yelling corn in the most hick ass accent you can muster.
When a big dumb ford truck drives by with retarded ass stacks in the back and is blaring some stupid sad country song about how some whiney ass country fag got dumped while you and your friends can do nothing but laugh at pointing out how big of a douche bag corn dick the guy is as you call out to him using the trademark corndick call.
by Lockesmith November 08, 2011
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a person with human feces on his penis after sex in other words a pure asshole
man jeff is such a corndick
by beansa November 02, 2006
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a hick that loves the cock. when the cock is not around, he sits on dry corn cobs.
look at that mother fuckin fagget ass bitch wearing those piece of shit wranglers. they are so tight you can see his small balls and corn cob shank. please never wear those again bitch.
by dennis fredericks April 16, 2004
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After engaging in sex analy with a male or female,you pull out and there are little pieces of corn stuck in the tip of your dick,causing excruciating pain when removing the corn.
Alex man, i was giving Sally some but hole pleasures last night, and when i took it out of her ass i had major corn dick. It was so bad it bled.

"""""Never have anal sex....your cock might just be in pain if you do""""""
by Walter Ballsack February 02, 2006
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