A Ruger Mark II .22 autoloader pistol with a supressor on the barrell. A very quiet pistol and gets it's nick name because it was used to shoot sentry dogs in Vietnam.
"There is an enemy sentry dog over there, is your hush puppy ready?"

"Pass me that hush puppy."
by IceWarm November 20, 2004
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A Smith and Wesson model 39 modified with a shoulder stock, a locking slide and a suppresor. This weapons was designated Mark 22 Model O and used by the Navy SEaL's in Vietnam. Only a few undred were made and were mainly used for disabling sentryies, killing guard dogs and shattering lights. THe slide locked for maximum noise reduction and it's suppresor limited the effective range to around 100 yards.
That guy has marks on the slide of his hush puppy that represent the numder of sentries he dispatched back in 'nam.
by Tom Mastro March 28, 2006
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a younger male going after an older women
You say im a cougar psh no he is just a hush puppy
by brennan383 June 11, 2010
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Woah! This hush puppy is delicious!
by metaldud October 14, 2008
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a guy or girl that looks really good on with clothes on,but looks horrible naked.

comes from long john silvers,hush puppies that come with every meal.they look really tasty on the outside,but they taste horrible
"man that girl is hot,but i bet shes a hush puppy!"
by rev616 September 26, 2003
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a person who scams others for a living or for the fun of it

someone who lives of the sweat of others
dont hush puppi me ; dont scam me
someone tried to hush puppi me over the web last night ; someone tried to scam me over the web last night
by FirstbornAce99 July 10, 2020
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A declaration spoken by someone who feels that they would not be able to handle (or be content with) a future event and/or an event that is developing in the present moment. It can also be used to refer to a past event as a clarifying statement regarding your feelings.

After a long night of food a college stoner was still feeling the munchies. He decided at the last second to order the dollar-sized Hush Puppies at Long John Silvers and the Cashier took the $1.06 from the stoner. After several minutes, she came back to the register with the stoner's money in her hand. She handed the money back to the stoner and said "I'm sorry, here's your dollar-six back. I can't handle Hush Puppies right now. Do you want fries or fish or something?" From that point on, the term Hush Puppies was coined.
"Hush Puppies dude." (referring to walking up a steep hill)
"That's Hush Puppies."
"I call Hush Puppies."
"Hush Puppies."
"I can't handle this -- dude Hush Puppies."
"That's Hush Puppies. You hit me man. Not cool. That is Hush Puppies!"
by AndrewVS April 26, 2010
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